Snowflake Christmas Cards

It must be years since I last made some Christmas cards! I can’t honestly remember when I last made any, I do however remember a time when I vowed never to make another Christmas card never E V E R again as long as I lived…. and yet here I am donkeys years later having a whirl playing around making something festive! I didn’t even plan on making any so I surprised even myself when I did!

It all started out when I visited the craft store (hobbycraft) and bought a set of 3 wooden snowflake die cut shapes for £1, I’ve always loved snowflakes and when I saw them I had to have them but didn’t pay much thought to what Id actually DO with them! You know how it is when your in the craft shop; these things seem to jump into your basket without meaning to 😛

When I got them home I decided to see what they would look like if I used them as stencil masks and stippled some paint through them and then I sprayed dye inks over them too, I thought both ideas turned out pretty neat and liked what I saw and this is where I got a bit carried away and made what seems like zillions of the blighters. Infact I made so many I still have tonz more left I haven’t used yet!

Below is the picture of the wooden die cut snowflakes:



And here are all the cards (and tag and ATC) I created using the backgrounds I made with the snowflakes (if you click the pictures they open up bigger) :

I dread to think what I’m gonna end up making next!

Altered Cd Swap – Completed

I posted earlier about the altered cd swap Im in, you can see the first post here:

For my next step for this project I took a tube of outliner paste normally used for glass painting, and I applied dots on one side of the snowflake and let it dry.

Next I coated both sides of the cd and snowflake with a layer of black gesso and let it dry.

Once dry I painted the entire thing on both sides using navy blue acrylic paint.

To add some distressing and texture for my next step I heated the cd and snowflake using my embossing gun, this make the paint bead up a little bit and also the liquid outliner bubbled too but I wanted it to do that 🙂

Once the cd was cool, I dipped my finger tips in metallic blue acrylic paint and smudged it over the snowflake to add highlights, I also repeated this step using a pearl turqouise paint and silver rub n buff. I just kept going till I liked how the snowflake looked.

I did this step on both sides of the cd.

Then I got my mini drill and drilled a little hole through the cd so I could make a hanger on it.

I then applied silver rub n buff to one side of the cd only and left the other side navy blue for contrast.

Once all the paint was dry I sprayed over the top using acrylic glaze to varnish it and then finally added some gold thread to act as a hanger.

Heres the pictures below of the final piece:

Altered Snowflake Cd

Close Up:
Altered Snowflake Cd - close up

Altered Snowflake Cd

Some Calendars for a Christmas swap

Its that time of year again where I make my obligatory art calenders for Christmas swaps and gifts!

Spoiler Warning – do not peek if your in Xmas swaps with me!

These calendars where all made using different handmade backgrounds, the houses you can see on each calendar was made using recycled felix cat food boxes cut into house shapes. I added corrugated card and fun foam to make a recess to the front of the house and painted it with burgundy acrylic paint. I added highlights to the ridges of the corrugate with copper acrylic and then made some fabric paper and painted it red and cut it into hearts to make the hearts inside the houses.

See below, click on any pics for larger images:

Close up of one of the houses:


More Christmas Gifts


Ive just finished making 2 more sets of gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas Swap. Im also almost finished on the 4th set as I just have to finish it off properly then Im good to go 🙂 Only 1 more set to start then Im allllll done 🙂 Ive had so much fun making art for this swap 🙂

You can see the recent gifts I made on the following linksie (do not click if you are a ccswaps member!) 

Christmas Has Come Early!

A while ago I signed up for a 12 Days of Christmas swap, you had to make 12 handmade gifts all the same and send them to the swap hostess (Ms Sweetpea) who along with her elf helpers sorted out everyones gifts so that all swappers would recieve 12 pieces of handmade art in return! I couldnt wait! Infact I ended up signing up for this swap 4 times!!! Which meant I had to make 4 different types of gifts 12 times = 48 handmade gifts in all! We had to have our packages in by the end of November.

Today Christmas arrived EARLY! Because my HUMUNGUS box from Sweetpea arrived containing my 12 Days Of Christmas Swap!! Look at the size of this box in the photo below – Harry is sat on the box to give you an idea of how big it is!!



On the outside of the box was some gorgeous handmade festive slide hangers which Ms Pea had made for each and every swapper! I decided to hang mine on the tree, I took a photo but its not much good because the tree is twinkling like crazy with all the lights and fibreoptics!


Heres a photo of inside the box when I opened it before I pulled out any gifts:


And heres a photo of the pressie pile which Santa Pea and her elves sorted out especially for me!


Now to decide which pressies to open first!!!! Im so excited I cant breathe properly! Heres a pic of me and my fur baby taken just before we opened the box: