A Year of Journaling Ideas Free E-Book

I’ve just come across this free journalling prompts ebook while doing a google search of art journalling challenges and prompt ideas.

This ebook features a full years worth of ideas; one for every single day of the year! Lots of ideas and inspirational art kicks to choose from.

You can get your free copy of the pdf ebook by clicking on the following link and downloading directly from the page.

Cynthia’s Blog: A Year of Blogging and Journaling Ideas.

via A Year of Journaling Ideas.


On The Other Side Of Fear Journal Page

I made this journal page last night for Becky’s prompt on an art journalling group I am a member of.

The prompt was to use the chosen quote in our art and collage too, admittedly I didnt do collage on my page but then I have never been one to follow the rules 100% šŸ˜€

The quote is:

On The Other Side Of Fear Lays Freedom

Here is my page I did for the challenge below; I wanted to kinda show freedom on the back of the fear like the quote implies so I wrote the word freedom back to front in the background to give thisĀ illusion, colours used are Inktense blocks and Promarkers.

Nature Lettering Art Journal Page

Here is another page I have just finished up today dedicated to Nature in all her glory, all the words I chose for this page are all inspired by nature.

It goes without saying I had too much fun making this page, I get a lot of joy out of making these types of pages in my journal.

Art Journal Prompt:

Including the word NATURE; choose 18 words which make you think of Nature and include them in a decorated Nature themed journal page.

Tree Of Life Journal Page

This is another page I did inspired by a photograph taken from a magazine, you can see the magazine picture below I used:

To start my page I used a pencil to freehand draw a rough draft showing the basic shapes shown on the necklace above, I was particulary drawn to the large leaf like shapes around the upper half of the pendant so I began making a circle type mandala shape made up of all leaf like shapes.

At this point I wasnt sure where I was going with the picture so I started scribbling absent mindedly to see what I could do and I ended up dividing the circle into 4 sub-sections. I then decided to write the 4 elements inside the four sections; Water, Earth, Wind and Fire and doodled a little image to represent each of them.

Next I looked at the image and it reminded me of a tree in full bloom so I decided to go with that concept and did some shapes to make it feel more tree-like and added a treee trunk to the bottom.

Once I was happy with how it looked I watercoloured it using Neocolour watercolour pastels and outlined it using the outliner pencil taken from the set of 24 inktense pencils.

Which you can see below:

Close Up Of The Circle Part:

I really enjoyed making this page inspired by the pendant picture, its funny how you can take one concept of the photo and turn it into something completely different!

Why don’t you have a go at doing it too? And see what YOU can come up with using the original photo of the pendant as your inspiration?

Art Journal Prompt:

Use the picture below to inspire you to create an Art Journal Page – you can use the shapes, colours or whatever you like to inspire your page art: