Home Tweet Home Tissue Paper Cardboard Panel

Today I’m sharing one of my shabby chic tissue paper technique background art which I created on a cardboard panel, I wrote the tutorial on how to do this technique on my artrospectives¬† blog yesterday.

I love playing around with bird images, this was a lot of fun to create and all the components in it feature tissue paper techniques too!

To begin with I took a sheet of shabby chic tissue paper background (see this blog post for tutorial) and painted the edges of the board and ridges with black acrylic paint to grunge them up a bit.

I also pierced a hole in the board and threaded through a piece of twine to make a hanger.


Next I used bird die cut shapes to draw around in black pen onto the tissue paper bleeding technique background (see my other blog for tutorial), then tore around that to give it a rustic edge.

I love how the black bird images seem to pop off the brightly coloured background.

I also took a sheet of black glossy card then lightly sanded it to give it a scuffed feel.

I then used double sided tape to affix both these pieces together.


Next I assembled the birds onto the board, added a stamped Home Tweet Home quote using an alphabet stamp set, and then added brad stickers to finish.


As you can see it was pretty easy to create, and a lotta fun!

Here are some close ups for you:





I hope you like this post today, I will be back tomorrow with another project I created to share with you.

Have you made any tissue paper art? If so I would love to see it!

Trish Bee

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Textured Picture Frame

This is a textured frame that I have been working on lately, believe it or not I actually I used clean cat litter glued onto the wooden frame to give it a texture! Yup I must be losing my marbles, either that or I’m just a texture freak!

Once the glue had dried I gessoed over with white gesso and then painted over with purple acrylic paint and interference medium.


Close up of the texture:


I love working with interference medium because it makes the pieces shimmer, when you hold it up to the light you get different colour changes!

I haven’t decided what I’m going to put in the frame yet, I’ll keep you posted!¬†

Textured Canvas

I created this wall canvas using all the teeny weeny itty bits and pieces that were lying around on my work table.

I had lots of tiny bits of string, paper punch left overs,¬† offcuts, card I’d cut and trimmed on my table and general bits of crap! Usually I would toss the lot in the bin as the bits were far too small to do anything with.

This time instead of throwing them away I glued all the bits to a canvas to see what kind of texture they would give.

Once the glue was dry I painted over with a layer of gesso and added a few spots of crackle paint and left it to dry.

I then painted the whole thing in a wash of purple and pink acrylic paint, to make a wash I put the paint on the canvas then spray a lot of water onto the paint using a spritzer spray. This waters the acrylic paint right down and enables you to create a more transparent covering.

I added highlights using violet interference medium untill I was happy with how it looked.

Here it is below:


Close ups of texture:



Altered Piggy Bank

I was in need of a new piggy bank but the one I had looked pretty plain. So I decided to pretty it up, I got some merit g that my oranges came in, glued it onto the piggy. Then when it was dry I gessoed, then painted with amethyst acrylic paint and added highlights using interference violet medium.

Pictures are a bit naff, it looks a lot better in real life, but here they are:



Without Change Wall Canvas

I created this canvas the other day (without the lettering on it)  with the intention of using it to mount my four leaf clovers and heart shrink plastic embellishments as mentioned in the blog post before this one.

It was pretty easy to create, I first painted the canvas with buttermilk cream acrylics and when that had dried I took a piece of Tim Holtz’s Melange Tissue Wrap and glued it direct to the canvas with Matt medium as I didnt want it to shine.

Then when I came to see what the shrink plastic embellishments looked like it was too busy and didn’t feel right so I painted another canvas and set this one aside for later use.

Today I decided to put a quote onto the canvas using letters I’d diecut from the two large Tim Holtz Alterations Alphabet Dies.

I know It’s pretty simple but I don’t think it needs anything else adding to it at this moment in time, less is more….right?