Site Map

Trish Bee Doodlez Blog Site Map:

  • Techniques Zone – A blog dedicated to my archives of all the the backgrounds, techniques and projects which I previously wrote and published for my online newsletter.
  • Starting An Art Journal – New to journalling? Then check out this guide to getting starting the art of art journals and sketchbooking!
  • Art-Quest Challenge – Stuck for ideas and inspiration? Why not take part in this challenge which has been designed to help you find your muse & make art! (please note this challenge is now closed)
  • Background Noise Challenge – New for 2008, take part in the background challenge where you create an unique journal filled with gorgeous lovely handmade background techniques! (please note this challenge is now closed)
  • Back Amongst The Land Of The Living – This page was originally written on 4th March 2011 explaining  why  I decided to return to blogging and art again after a long absence.
  • Leave Feedback – Got something to say or want to ask me something? Why not leave me a comment on my feedback form.
  • My Flickr Art Galleries – Ive uploaded some of my older artwork as well as more recent too onto flickr because there isnt enough room on my sites and blogs for it all!
  • ATC’s Squidoo Page – This is a page I made with lots of atc links and how to guides when I first discovered atcs and was madly addicted…

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