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If you have any questions or would like to leave me a message please use this page to submit a comment on this page and I will respond. I havent listed my email address anywhere on my website because Im fed up of getting too much spam!

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  2. Thank you soooooooooo much for all the hard work you
    have done in getting your website back up. I love your ideas
    and techniques you have been kind enough to share with us
    fellow crafters.
    Again many thanks.
    Susan Kling 🙂

  3. Trish…this new site is wonderful…you did a bang up job…and I know what you mean about the “spam”….which we all had a solution for the annoyance…anyway – love what you have done and keep up the great work!

  4. nice messages, a good idea to write’em out in your art! it take care about misinterpretation 🙂

    your typography reminds me on this 60ies style of posters… i will use it as inspiration for one of my projects (willofs.de).

    thx 😀

  5. What an amazing site you have! THANK YOU for all the technique instructions, and for putting in all those photos (it makes like easier when you know what you’re aiming at at each stage) – I spent all evening yesterday trying out a new technique, the gesso resist backgrounds. What fun!


    Happy stamping & co!

  6. Hi Trish, I had a link to your bubble background on my blog but the link’s broken – presumably because of your new website. Is this still available anywhere so I can redo the link???

  7. Oooohhh, so relieved your site is back up – was having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to access all your beautiful techniques and images. I’m newish so more into collecting and admiring techniques than actually using them and yours are just so lucious.

    It’s probably easier to find things now that there are actually fewer links, so a trade-off between ease of use and number of items. I might be tempted to do rather than just admire.

    Thank you so much. You have been sorely missed.

  8. Thank goodness, I’ve been really worried! LOL Technology is such a drag when it doesn’t go your way, but I love the new organization. I think there might be some things I had previously missed, which is surprizing considering how much time I’ve spent browsing your site. Thanks for all your dedication to sharing your talent. Thought I’d let you know that you were part of the inspiration that led to increasing experimentation, which in turn has led to some development of art products that I am now going to market! So glad you are back.

  9. Trish,
    You are a wonder. Not only are you amazingly talented, organized and resourceful, …but, you, you have the most generous spirit for sharing all that you share.

    Joannie Hooper

  10. i love going thru your tips and illustrations. i get
    totally lost. you so inspire me to try new techniques.
    thank you

  11. To refresh a felt tip pen use this homemade formula:
    Using a small plastic bottle(Artificail Tears) combine 1/3 glycerin, 2/3 distilled water and 1/4 t. alcolol.

    Remove the felt tip with plyers and add 2-3 drops of solution to refresh the pen. This will dilute the color a bit.

  12. Dear Trish,

    Just had to say how much I enjoyed reading your rant about making handmade Christmas cards for non-crafters! Especially about the cost – they have no idea. Though I am not yet quite brave enough to face the lamentations if I were to send them commercially made cards, I confess I dream about it every year.

    Thanks for the chuckle,

    Jan in Canada

  13. Trish, I like all the great things you do. I have
    gotten a lot of inspiration from you to try new
    things. I am going to do the artquest challenge but
    I have a problem. I go to a public library for my
    computer and internet so have no way of scanning
    them in for others to see. I found the dictionary
    page interesting. I like to stretch myself mentally
    and artistically. Keep posting wonderful ideas.

  14. hi Trish

    congratulations – you have just won our Christmas CD competition!

    Please can you contact me with your address so I can send your prize out to you.


  15. Trish, I just love your web site. I use it all the time. It is my one stop shop if ever I need to know something or need some ideas your Technique Zone is my first port of call. It is fantastic for someone like me who doesn’t have an endless supply of art mediums, I always seem to be able to find alternatives using your site, and your step by step photos and descriptions are just the best!

  16. No doubt about your committment to paper art Trish – many thanks for yet another terrific website that pays homage to the artist in us all Dorelle

  17. I have been playing around with Angelina and would dearly like to stamp an image on – preferably to make some quick and easy christmas cards. Have you any tecniques that I could use please.
    I did see someone on TV doing it but didn’t take much notice at the time!
    Many thanks

  18. Trish, I have looked everwhere including a web search to find the instructions using the craft foam and gesso to make faux chipboard. Can you share? I did find a blip about it in a link to a subscription service called Technique Junkies, have you heard of this? Curious on your thoughts about it. Thanks

  19. Hello Trish

    I have recently gone on-line at home at last and am looking for groups or individuals to do some swaps with, any form, atcs, tags, postcards. I love experimenting with mixed-media but need the challenge of a theme to follow. Love your site and wondered if you could help me find other like- minded people to swap with.

  20. I love the idea of keeping a sketchbook with directions for techniques along with samples. Would you mind if I shared this idea with the technique junkies group and provided a link to your website?


  21. Hi Trish,

    I love receiving your updates and have used lots of the techniques. I was amazed today when I came across the places to visit page and Lo & behold there was my birthplace Widnes. I don’t think I have ever seen Widnes advertised as “A place to visit”. I left over 40yrs ago and have lived elsewere far longer than I lived there, still whenever people ask where I come from I always say Widnes first.
    It was lovely to see the views I know so well, many thanks for bringing back the memories.


  22. Trish…thank you so much for your help with rubber stamping. I think of you whenever I try one of your ideas. Just finished 10 minute collage and loved the resulting cards…I used flowers for stamping.

  23. Hello Trish, your techniques are so helpful! There’s no end to how much I learn from you. I just put you down as one of my favorite blogs….hence, I’ve given you the “you Make My Day” award.

  24. Hello Trish

    I love your site! I have never heard of sketchbooking before (I am a scrapbooker mainly) and can’t wait to get started!


  25. You are INCREDIBLE. You are a blessing to everyone that cannot get out to workshops.
    Keep up the fabulous art!

  26. Hi Trish,
    I am not quite sure how I came across your website. But, two hours later, I am still drooling over all your artwork. Girl…you rock! I am so inspired by you. You truely have an amazing gift of art. I have so much to learn from you. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I just discovered you about a month ago. What a find!! When I first browsed all your work, I read some thing that sounded great using tissue paper and metallic paints. Now I can’t find it. Can you tell me? Thanks

  28. Trish..just downloaded the Free tag template for ‘tea cards’..where do I find other good Free websites?

  29. Trish, I loved your old techniques site so much and somehow just figured it was safe in my “bookmarks”. I had made something from you techniques that I liked but don’t think it’s still there.
    It was pieces of a CD and had tiny pieces of metallic paper, micro beads, shrink plastic (what else?) and I used the heat gun to melt the Utee. I hope you can figure out the project I’m describing! The piece I have leftover looks like there is something on the CD before the other stuff. I remember there were several steps between “heatings”. I hope someday you will be able to get more of your wonderful techniques online for all the mixed media devotees. Thanks much!
    Folsom, CA

  30. Trish,
    I am a new member of Next Generation Stampers and have been visiting all the links sent. Thanks for all the great tips and techniques. I love to draw and am loving learning new ways to alter objects. The challenges look excited, just need a little more experience before jumping in. I am very new to the stamping world and altering. Currently working on altering clothespins and I am so tired of these intricate little objects. Need to learn more about ATC’s and finding larger things to work with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Hi Trish.. I just want to say a huge thank you to you for being so generous in sharing your techniques and ideas with the world. I have spent the weekend making up a board of different ‘textures’ for a workshop I am holding and your site has been invaluable in giving me a few new ideas and reminding me of a few ideas I had forgotten!

    Just lovin’ your work as well!

  32. i adore your work very inovative and great composition i am bowled over and you have stamps for sale too feels like christmas please contact me with prices thanks

  33. You are a gift to us all. What a fabulous site. I could have hours go by looking at it. I just love your article on “just look at it disease” have you been peeking into my art room. I printed it for my computerless friends (yes there are still some out there) to read. It has altered the way I do things for the better. THANKYOU

  34. I love your site, your tips and inspiration and your writing style. Do come check my blog I’ve found a new surface for using alcohol ink on 😉

    I have the ‘look at it desease’ too, but I am trying to overcome it hehehe


    Billie xx

  35. did yu mean for one of the links in the bandanna tchnique to be the page one is already on? thanks for a great blog.

  36. TrishBee == I want to tell you I come back to your site often for inspiration. Hope you’ll be back in good health soon….prayers and healing thoughts go out to you. TomH

  37. Hi Trish,
    Not exactly sure why I had to come here and say this message, others who read me may likely say I’m nuts and I’m not sure one way or another.
    To the Point, Thanks for all the work you do, remember you are talented, you have a gift and was willing to share even though it was hard for you. Your love was felt by those that needed it, others love you also even though it was never shared the way they wanted to.
    Thats It, all I was prompted to say. I just looked to the last message just now and see tomH wishing you well, you will be well and my prayers are with you also.
    My Head is bothering me just now so I need to lay down.

    Floyd Evans

  38. I just had to post to let you know that my thoughts are with you and hope you will be well soon. I love your blog! I just opened one of my 12 Days from CCSwaps and I got one of your Calendar Girls 2009!! I am so thrilled. I must confess, I peaked at your flicker account and was hoping I’d be lucky and receive one. Thanks for your creativity and inspiration. You’re blog is one of my favorite bookmarks. Be well!
    Barbara S. in MA, USA

  39. Bought a couple of your stamps from ebay recently and now I have just found your techniques page – wow – a real treasure chest of simple and easy to use ideas. Thanks for the inspiration

  40. Hi Trish, I have tried everywhere to find out what stroke cloth paper is ?
    I hope you can help me. Apparently there was an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors but I can’t find it.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  41. Happy New Year Trish!
    I wish you the one thing money can’h buy – good health.

    If anyone knows it will be you. I have a project that calls for “Stroke Cloth Paper” as inspired by CLOTH, PAPER, SCISSORS. It doesn’t help me I don’t have a clue what it is and I can’t google it. Your help is appreciated.

  42. I am a kiwi living in Australia
    I have just “stumbled’ across your website, what a great stumble..
    am just starting out, even at 60 you are never tooooo old to learn

    the best selection of information I have come across in my thousands of hours web surfing..
    I wish you all the best with your health…… you are an inspiration to us all..
    thank you

  43. Hi Trish

    I am so pleased to have somehow wondered upon your fabulous site!! I am staggered by the amount of background techs you have, and can’t wait to try them out. I have never been able to really afford joining the Technique Junkie, and after finding you, I wont have to worry anymore :o) Thank you so much!!!

    I did have a specific quessie to ask – you used a deluxe card template in one of your techniques, and am wondering where you got it?? I thought for a moment that you atually made and sold them, but I think I got that wrong :o( Please advise…

    I am so sorry to hear you are so unwell, I missed all your stamp sales on ebay, boo for me :o( And also for you for having to give them up!

    Kind regards

  44. Greetings Trish:

    I have spent a couple of days surfing the net looking at Zentangles and came upon your flicker site. You do wonderful art! It was like a little mini-vacation for my mind. Thanks for sharing your beautiful inspirations. I do origami, ATCs, some rubberstamping and other paper arts in the New York area. I teach origami but am starting to expand and incorporate many different styles and medium. Your site has inspired me to try a site of my own! Thanks again. Happy New Year!!!

    Long Island, NY USA

  45. Hi Trish,
    I made a background of freezer paper using acrylic paints. When I stamped a design on it, the stamp (used StazOn)picked up the background and wouldn’t leave the stamped image. Can you help?

  46. Hi Trish Bee… Thank you so very much for linking to my site. I was visiting with my family and made a very conscious decision to not pay attention to my web site and I cannot express how excited and delighted I was to see a link come in. I guess I have been in a bit of the creative dumps lately….You know, ” everything I make is crap and nobody cares, blah, blah”. Anyway huge hugs and kisses to you. Please keep in touch. Take care, Shari Schemmel

  47. Looking for HELP! I am trying to make earrings using washi paper and was wondering what kind of sealer/lacquer you could suggest. Need them firm but not necessarily glossy???
    Love Your sites and creativity.

  48. Hi Trish,
    Thanks for shearing all this awesome infomation,i have found a wonderfull place to visit 🙂

  49. Hi, Trish
    I think there is something wrong with the Alphabet Discovery workshop. It’s really slow and the internet explorer page comes up for “photos” and says it can’t display the page. There’s been only 2 postings this week so I wonder if it’s the website.

  50. Trish…

    You are a treasure. I just found you a few days ago. I never fancied myself to have any type of ability when it cam to art but I sure am enjoying your website. making new things…..this is great Thank you for sharing your stuff..

  51. Hi – I joined Alphabet Discovery Workshop several days ago and am “awaiting approval” – just wondered if you got my membership application? Thanks!

  52. Did you invent the bandanalabel technique? A tutorial on it would be great. Newbie in ATC swaps, trying to learn different techniques.


  53. Is your alphabet exploration group still active? I applied to become a member two weeks ago or so and am still pending. Is the group closed? I have seen the workshop page but am not sure if those are the complete instructions.

  54. I adore your work. I really have no words to describe how inspiring it has been to me!!
    Thank you!!

    Twinkle x

  55. Trish,
    I finally figured it out and boy do I feel better. You are really three people in one. That is how you accomplish so much.

  56. I am so glad I found your new site, Trish. I was very sad when the old one disappeared. I just discovered your new site today, and I just had to leave a comment. You do such great work trying out all the techniques you discover and then sharing them with us. Keep up the fabulous work.

  57. Hi Trish, I just “discovered” your website. It is fantastic. Thank you for all the hard work and helpful advice. Take care

  58. Thanks for your comments on my blog and I’m so pleased that you are going to try out my background technique. Can I just ask you please to add a link to my blog for my instructions?. Good luck and let me know how you get on and if you need any more info please ask.
    Best Wishes

  59. Is it possible to buy a big stamp pad – at least 5″ x 7″ or bigger? I would also like to know if there is a good sliver ink or paint that will last for many years applied to a sign going outside.

  60. Big & Juicy Inkpads by Ranger are big ones. For paint to last that long outside Id recommend enamel paint available from all hobby and craft stores.

  61. I was amazed by your site. I adore background techniques and can’t think you enought for all your great ideas! Thanks.

  62. Dear Trish, I need more information on how to join and get started in doing your challenge,please.
    Since 1985 I have suffered from severe chronic pain and have recently begun teaching myself multi media art,which has proven to be helpful, helps me get lost in it escaping some of the pain, I believe your Feb Challenge could help me more if i could figure out how to start.
    I am new to challenges, in fact new to all of it, I am willing to learn how to post, blog etc. I believe it is my road to some pain relief and some sanity.
    The A-Z interests me, Is this one yours? if so….
    How do I get started, is there a “one pager” that tells me what to do, how to join, how to submit etc?
    Sorry, maybe its all there, but I just need a little more guidance.
    I appreciate any information you can give me, i would love having this challenge to look forward to every day.
    Thank you in advance, and thank you for your Technique Zone, i have bee using it to learn.

    Again, Thanks

  63. Hello there, thanks for your comment. All of the challenges listed are run by other people on their blogs or websites, I have included links of those I have taken part in. You can also see them all on the ‘Art Challenge Blogs’ page here: https://trishbee.wordpress.com/art-challenge-blogs/ If you click on the individual links there is usually info on that blog about how you too can take part and what you have to do.

  64. With all these comments…I hope you see my question….it was about the watercoloring of paper with tissue. Here is what I said when I reoplied to the email…….

  65. Its the gift type tissue I am using, although the brands Im using are the cheaper childrens crafts variety as these bleed very easily. The more expensive tissue is normally archival or acid free and those varieties don’t bleed at all. I found most of my tissue paper in the stationary aisle in the local supermarkets.

  66. Hi Trish,
    I came to your blog via the page techniques zone which I think is amazing..and just wondered if there is the facility to print the techniques?

  67. Hi Trish – I am a huge fan and have followed your site for years!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and fun with us!! I do have one question … HELP HELP HELP – ok now to the question lol… How do I get to the Artful Alphabet? I started to use it to jump start my creativity a few years back, then unfortunately I became very ill and now 2 1/2 yrs later am able to finally get back to my studio on a somewhat regular basis and wanted to go to my fav. jump start. Problem being, it sends me to a link of hub pages and then nothing, is there a place to go to see the artful alphabet in it’s entirety? It would be soooo helpful as I get back to my artful self!! Thank you so much for your help – I know it would be just as easy to make my own list but being on 12 + meds a day makes a person a wee bit cloudy lolol. Thanks again – Kris Johnson

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