Art-Quest Challenge

How To Take Part

Before you begin this challenge you will need a book to alter! For more details please click on the first challenge post which includes everything you need to get you started. Once you have your book you are ready to take part in the individual challenges!

To take part in the individual page challenges you need to follow the directions in each challenge post.

Once you have done that, you then upload your challenge artwork to either your own blog or photo gallery account.

Please include a link back to this blog within your gallery/blog post which is:

Next leave a comment on the post relating to the challenge you are taking part in, and in the message field of your comment include your url for your challenge piece and any notes you wish to add.

Look forward to seeing your creations!

I will be adding a links list featuring all the regular contributors to this challenge, so be sure to post me a message to let me know your taking part so I can include you!

Art-Quest Challenge Themes:

  1. September 8th 2007 – Three Steps Texture:
  2. September 18th 2007 – Random Dictionary Words:
  3. January 2nd 2008 – Faux Chip Board Technique:
  4. February 5th 2008 – Customised Stencils:
  5. February 20th 2008 – Food Labels:
  6. March 11th 2008 – Cracked Glass Tech:

All future Challenges are now featured on my other blog:

3 thoughts on “Art-Quest Challenge

  1. I have just stumbled upon your site, What a find!

    Will be trying out some of your older challenges to try out some of the techniques and themes. Hope to join in the current challenges after a little practice.

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