Background Noise


*** WARNING #1 *** Taking part in this challenge will result in creating an unique sketchbook full of artful backgrounds & instructions!

About This Challenge:

When it comes to backgrounds, I believe the best backgrounds are the ones which are fast to make with almost instant results!

I love making backgrounds, I love the randomness of them, I love the fact that your not really in complete control of the end results.

You never know what is going to happen, I love watching how different colours react to each other, I love to see the shapes forming in the paints and inks, I love to see how 2 seperate colours can come together and give you some gorgeous new colour blendings. And I love how sometimes you get surprising results when 2 mediums come together and react in a way you didnt expect.

Of all the techniques out there in the art world, backgrounds are my favourite to do, Im hopelessly addicted to this art form which creates unique and different little works of art!

Why not play along with me and join in the Background Noise Challenge and you too can make some unique background art!

All the details you need to play along are listed below….

*** WARNING #2*** Creating backgrounds can be addictive!

How To Take Part

Before you begin this challenge you will need a sketchbook! For more details please click on the first challenge post which includes everything you need to get you started. Once you have your book you are ready to take part in the individual challenges!

To take part in the individual page challenges you need to follow the directions in each challenge post.

Once you have done that, you then upload your challenge artwork to either your own blog or photo gallery account.

Please include a link back to this blog within your gallery/blog post which is:

Next leave a comment on the post relating to the challenge you are taking part in, and in the message field of your comment include your url for your challenge piece and any notes you wish to add.

Look forward to seeing your creations!

Background Noise Challenge Themes:

  1. 1st January 2008: Shining Stones Technique –
  2. 15h January 2008: Glue Background Techniques –
  3. 31stJanuary 2008: Paint Scraping Techniques –
  4. 12th February 2008 – Distressed Scraps Technique –
  5. 29th February 2008 – Textured Gesso Backgrounds –
  6. 11th March 2008 – Hair Mousse Backgrounds –
  7. 30th March 2008 – Faux Grass Paper –
  8. 14th April 2008 – Magazine Scrunchy Background –
  9. 3rd May 2008 – Brayered Gesso Resist Background –
  10. 27th May 2008 – Black Pearl Paper Backgrounds –
  11. 7th July 2008 – Faux Leather Tissue Paper Bkgds –
  12. 2nd August – Smooshed Inks Backgrouds –
  13. 17th August 2008 – Worksheet Wonders –
  14. 17th September 2008 – Masking Tape Backgrounds –


  1. May 2nd 2009 – Bright Water Colour Wash Backgrounds
  2. Watercolour Wash Backgrounds Part 2 – Using Pens –

Background Noise Participants Blogs:

I will be adding a links list featuring all the regular contributors to this challenge, so be sure to post me a message to let me know your taking part so I can include you!

Background Noise Blog Buttons:

(right click to save on your computer & upload to your blog)



Special thanks to Autumn for allowing me to use her gorgeous ‘noise’ background 🙂

9 thoughts on “Background Noise

  1. Trish,
    Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed making the polished stones backgrounds and like you, enjoy making bunches of them. I don’t always have the time to read all the posts or post myself if I want to get immersed in creative play. Your efforts are truly appreciated!

  2. I never have put any of my work out to be seen except to my stampin friends and family members, but now that I have been into this hobby for (7) years I think I would like to venture out a little more; you are an inspiration to our hobby of stampin and art fields. Thanks.

  3. Trish, it has taken me this long to admit to myself that I am hooked on backgrounds! I would enter a 12 step program, but there is no time- I have used up all my samples and must start over! I didn’t make a sample book as you instructed, so I am really starting from the first technique and doing a sample and usable sheets too. Thanks for all the great techniques- keep them coming!

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