In The Land Of The Living

Back In The Land Of The Living

*Please Note* – This page was originally written on 4th March 2011 explaining  why I had decided to return to blogging and making art again after a very long absence.

For the past 12 months Ive lived in some sort of limbo land; struggling with coming to terms with the fact I am ill and not going to get better has been a hard living experience.

My passion for art and indeed for living had been extinguished; I simply did not want to exist in a world where all I felt was constant soul crushing pain and sickness. So I decided to run away from myself to no mans land – away from the things I love because they only served as a painful reminder of what I could no longer do.

Recently I felt a change; Im not sure what that change is but something is different; it’s like the colour has started to return to my life again and Im slowly re-learning to appreciate the finer things again.

I’m still as sick as ever, but Im now beginning to accept that fact and made a kind of peace with it. For the first time Ive realised I need to stop fixtating on what I can no longer do and start living and concentrate on the things I can still do.

The one thing Ive missed is being able to create and make art, it has been a huge part of my life thusfar and Ive now realised I can no longer deny its existance.

With my new found outlook I decided it was time to see if I could rediscover my lost muse; the main reason I stopped creating in the first place was because I felt that nothing inspired my any more, I was unable to create.

I decided to start a new blog for this quest rather than going back to my old blog because that felt like it was a step backwards rather than forwards. I dont want to look back anymore; I want to look into the now and tomorrow.

This blog will serve as my online visual journal, chronicling my journey and mumblings as I try to rediscover my lost muse and bring some colour back into my life.

Trish Bee 

Written On : 04/3/11

2 thoughts on “In The Land Of The Living

  1. Trish, I just discovered your wonderful blogs-both of them. You do inspire me and I will be returning often.

  2. I hope you are feeling better and that you can do your art again! I am enjoying your art! it is very inspiring!

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