Various Fabric Postcards

I finished these textile art postcards off last week and uploaded them onto my facebook page but forgot to upload them onto my wordpress blog!

Here they are, better late than never huh 😉

Im really addicted to working with postcards with the sewing machine as they are a perfect size to experiment and play on – they arent too small and not too big 🙂

As usual, you can click on the images to see a bigger version:

Fused felting wool and fibers fused together on a sheet of iron on bondaweb to create a piece of handmade fabric.

Angelina film & fibers fused onto a sheet of black painted lutradur and the over stitched.

Pink felting wool fused onto a sheet of organza using bondaweb, I attached the fibers, yarns and ribbons using top stitching.

Felted Leaf Postcard, Im addicted to sewing with yellow cotton!!! Its so bright 🙂

Another piece of handmade fabric I made using felting wool and fibers fused together with bondaweb then embellished with stitches.

Black painted Lutradur, angelina fibers and ordinary fibers and yarn sewn with nice bright yellow thread 🙂 Flower attached with brads (above and below)

Below is one of them stuffed art quilts I made using the instructions on Teesha Moore’s YouTube video, I decided to do mine on the sewing machine. I WAS going to make it into a large binder cover…BUT the cat stole it from me! I actually managed to take a picture off it after the cat finally got up off it….

So it WAS an art quilt but it ended up being a cat bed!!


Altered 7″ Vinyl Record

Altered 7" Vinyl Record

This is an ordinary vinyl 7″ record which I decided to do a bit of altering with using fantasy film & fibers.  Cant you tell Im addicted to this stuff 🙂

Heres a run down on how I created it:

1. First of all I painted the 7″ with a layer of gesso because I wanted to paint it first.

2. Once the gesso was dry I painted it using dark green and black acrylics, I dappled the 2 colours onto the surface to create a kind of mottled background effect.

3. Next I used ordinary PVA glue, I dolloped it across the middle of the record and used my fingers to smear it across so it wasnt so thick.

4. Working quickly I pushed layers of fantasy film into the wet glue, overlapping them so that they created a strip across the record. I wasnt fussed how they looked, I just concentrated on getting from one side of the record to the other.

5. I didnt bother waiting for the glue to dry, by the time Id finished sticking down the film it wasnt as gloopy anyway so I put a sheet of non stick paper over the top and ironed the film till it all fused and melted together.

6. Next I added some more film and also added some of the thin angel hair fibers on one side, and then melted it again using a cooking liner and craft iron. I didnt think too much about how it looked, I just concentracted on fusing the layers at this point.

7. I decided it needed some thicker strips of film and I didnt have any, so I cut off a small section from the film and rolled it up and then using scissors I snipped it to make jagged strips of film and then fused a couple of them onto the record to finish it off.

8. Using pure gold Stewart Gill paint – its lovely and thick and gooey 🙂 I dipped my fingers into it and used it to edge the record to give it a nice gilt border.

9. Next I glued on a mould of a sun face I had, I decided it needed 2 different shades of gold to accent it.

10. To finished I glued on the chipboard letters to spell ART, these letters where already printed with a pattern but I decided I didnt like how they looked after Id glued them on and it was too late to remove them! So instead of having a breakdown over it (like you do!) I decided to accent the letters by dipping my finger in the gold paint I used to edge the record and smudged the paint on the letters to give them a gilded coat.

Once the letters were dry I decided I like it afterall! We are so finicky us artist types!

Heres some more photos, I decided to take a couple of shots because you can see the record differently in each shot and it shows the film in a different light, you can click on the picks to see the original sizes if you want more detail:
Altered 7" Vinyl Record

I also took a close up so you can see the detail below:
Close Up Shot Of Altered Vinyl