Metallic Mixed Media Canvas Art

I posted the first section of this canvas as a work in progress on my blog last month:

Last night I finally finished the canvas and am happy with how it turned out, just dont ask me what its supposed to be!

After I glued on the chocolate foil wrappers and cd fragments to the canvas, I then painted over the entire canvas with black gesso and allowed it to dry overnight.

Once it was dry I took a craft knife and some scissors and used them both to scratch over the surface of the gesso’ed canvas to remove bits of the gesso and make it look old and distressed. As I did this some of the gesso flaked away from the surface revealing the colours of the foil underneath, I like how this looked.

To bring out the texture on the canvas I got some silver acrylic paint and dipped my finger into it and rubbed them gently over the surface to highlght the raised ridges and let it dry.

Heres some close up photos of the canvas so you can see the detail:

This is a close up shot of the metal Asian embellishment I added to the canvas, you cant see it on the other photo because of the camera flash.
Metallic Mixed Media Canvas Close Up

Another close up shot showing the cd fragments and the foil wraps. I like the texture and feel of this piece.
Metallic Mixed Media Canvas Close Up

Stained Glass Harry

I started work on this canvas last year! Ive only just now finished it, I set myself a bit of a challenge to try and get some of my abandomed projects finished to help get me motivated into making art again.

To create this piece I took a photo I had of my dog Harry and tweaked it using Photoshop Elements to make it look like a stencil. I printed it out and transferred the image onto cardboard and cut it out to make a stencil.

Next I painted the stencil onto the artist stretched canvas and left it for months unsure what to do with it next.

This week I picked up the canvas again and stared at it for ages trying to decide what I wanted to do with it next. It looked really bare and I decided it desperately needed colour.

Using paint markers I drew on the canvas to create abstract stained glass fragments and of course I added the obligatory black and white checkered border 🙂

Next I painted the stained glass fragments using assorted bright coloured gouche paints. I like working with gouche because they are a dream to use, they are watercolour paints which dry opaque like acrylic paints but their consistency is more fluid and easier to blend and work with.

To finish the piece I added some white dots and outlined Harry’s stencil image to make her pop out from the background.

Its kinda like a Mondian meets Pop Art creation.