The Artful Alphabet



Welcome to my Artful Alphabet page, I decided to put together this alphabetical list which can be used for ideas and inspiration to hopefully help you in your creative journey.

From time to time, many of us use the alphabet in our artwork in some shape or form. Whether it be taking part in an artist trading cards swap, making hand made book pages, art journals or even an alphabet themed project which requires that we work through the alphabet from A to Z.

This page is intended to be used as inspiration to kickstart your creativity and give you some ideas for themes, techniques and colours you can use by exploring the alphabet from A to Z.

This list was compiled many years ago and some products and information may be out of date; if you have any suggestions for new alphabet ideas/themes/techniques and more please leave a message on this post and  I will add your ideas to the list.

Thank You,

Trish x

The Artful Alphabet



    • Theme Ideas: Altered, Assemblage, Abstract, Alphabet, All About Me, Africa, Ancient History/Civilisations, Animals, Angels, Around The World, Art, Art Nouveau, Asia, Autumn, Antique, Aircraft, Anatomy, Aquatic, Apostles, Artemis.
    • Colours: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Aubergine, Air Force blue, Alabaster, Alice Blue, Alizarin, Almond, Amaranth, Amarillo, Amber, Anaranjado, Antique White, Apple Green, Apricot, Aqua, Aquamarine, Army Green, Ash, Asparagus, Atomic Tangerine, Auburn, Azul, Azure
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Angelina Fibres, Adirondack, Acrylic Wax, Alcohol Inks, Acrylic Paints, Acetate, Archival ink, Adhesives, Air-dry clay, Acetone



    • Theme Ideas: Books, Beewax, Birds, Bold, Bright, Butterflies, Blackbird, Beauty, Blocks, Bali, Ballet, Beach, Baskets, Bee’s, Belief, Bewitched, Birth, Boats, Botticelli, Bottles, Bridges, Bread, Buddha.
    • Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Baby Blue, Beige, Blue-green, Blue-violet, Bondi Blue, Brass, Brick red, Bronze, Buff, Burnt orange, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Beads, Blow Torch, Brushes, Brayer, Bone Folder, Buttons, Bubblewrap, Brushpens, Brads, Beeswax, Bleach, Baby Wipes, Bazzill, Basic Grey, Brilliance Inks



    • Theme Ideas: Colours, Creativity, Carved, Cats, Creation, Celestial, Celtic, Childhood, Collage, Crown, Cafe, Canal, Candlelight, Carp, Castles, Crabs, Columns, Circles, Children, Charity, Chariot, Cathedral, Centaurs, Ceramics, Chandeliers, Chairs, Chess, Cinema, Christ, Church, Circus, Cities, Classical, Cleopatra, Clouds, Collectors, Coffee.
    • Colours: Cerise, Cream, Copper, Cantaloupe, Cadet blue, Cadmium, Camel, Camouflage, Canary, Caput, Caramel, Caramel brown, Cardinal, Carmine, Carnation, Carrot, Celadon, Cerulean, Chalk, Champagne, Charcoal, Chartreuse, Cherry red, Chestnut, Chocolate, Chrome, Cinnabar, Cinnamon, Citrine, Citron, Claret, Coal, Cobalt, Coconut cream, Coocomunga-brown, Copper Rose, Coral, Cornflower, Cornsilk, Cranberry, Cream, Crimson, Cyan.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Cuttlebug, Cardstock, Colorwash, Chipboard, Crackle Paints, Crackle Medium, Cutters, Crystals, Crayons, Clay, Copics, Chalks, Calligraphy Inks, Colour Pencils, Clay Molds, Colorbox Stylus, Cut n Dry Pads,



    • Theme Ideas: Digital Art, Dolls, Dance, Doors, Dogs, Dragonflies, Drea,s. Discovery, Dali, Dante, Darwin, Day of the Dead, Da Vinci, Deer, Drink, Dusk, Ducks.
    • Colours: Daffodil, Duck egg blue, Damask, Damson, Dandelion, Denim, Desert sand, Diamond, Dim gray, Dirty blond, Dirty brown, Dodger blue, Doe, Dorado, Dove, Dove grey, Drab, Dun, Dusk, Dusty Rose.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Dye inks, Dremel, Dominoes, Dabbers, Distress Ink, Double Sided Tape, Diamond Glaze, Die Cuts,
  • Techniques: Direct To Paper, Distressing, Distressed Gesso, Decoupage, Dry Embossing, Drawing, Doodling,



    • Theme Ideas: Ephermera, Embroider, Eggs, Egypt, Elements, Experiments, Eyes, Easel, Emblems, Eden, Eve, Everlasting
    • Colours: Eggplant, Emerald, Ebony, Ecru, Eggshell, Egyptian Blue, Electric blue, Ember, Empa, Evergreen.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Embossing powder, Eclipse Tape, Envelopes, Embossing inks, Embossing powders, Encaustic wax, Embossing Plates, Embossing Templates, Epoxy, Eyelash Fibers, Enamel, Eezi mount, Elastic Band, Elmers Glue, Embossing Foils, Embellish/embellishments, Ephermera.
  • Techniques: Engraving, Embossing foils, Embossing Techniques, Eggshell Crackle, Embossing Resist, Encaustic Wax.



    • Theme Ideas: Fabric, Fantasy, Faux Postage, Femmes, Fibers, Flowers, Fern, Footprints, Found Objects, Fruit, Flourish, Fate, Foliage, Family, Fairs, Fairy, Fish, Flora, Fonts, Frames,
    • Colours: Fern Green, Falu red, Faun, Fire engine red, Firebrick, Flax, Flesh, Fleshtone, Floral white, Forest Green, French rose, Fresh grass green, Fuchsia, Fuchsia pink
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Fantasy Film, Fimo, Fusible Film/Fibers, Foil, Foam, Freezer Paper, Fusible Webbing, Floor Wax, Fibers, Friendly Plastic, Fabric, Foam, Felt, Fabrico, Formica Chips.
  • Techniques: Faux Leather, Faux Washi, Freezer Paper Background, Foiling, Faux Batik, Faux Postage Stamping, Fabric Stamping, Fusible Webbing Backgrounds, Floor Wax Backgrounds, Faux Bleach Wash, Faux Anything..



    • Theme Ideas: Gamepieces, Games, God, Goddesses, Gypsy, Grafitti, Gabriel, Galleries, Gates, Girl, Gondoliers, Grasses, Greek Mythology, Green Issues, Guitar, Gargoyles
    • Colours: Grey, Gold, Green, Golden Brown, Grape, Garnet, Ginger, Goldenrod, Grass green.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Gesso, Glue, Glitter, Gel Pen, Gold Leaf, Gum Arabic, Glue Stick, Grungeboard, Gel Medium, Graphite Pencils/Crayons, Gouache, Glaze, Gold Leaf, Glossy accents, Glue dots, Glimmer Mists, Glitter, Gum Arabic.
  • Techniques: Grid Technique, Glue Resist, Glass Marble Backgrounds, Gesso Resist Backgrounds, Gesso Resist Stamping, Gold Leaf Resist Backgrounds, Gum Arabic Backgrounds.



    • Theme Ideas: Home, Handrawn, Handwriting, Happiness, Hats, Hearts, Holidays, History, Harbour, Harps, Harvest, Heaven, Hero, Heroine, Horus, Hindhu, Holy, House, Horse, Human, Haiku, Hands.
    • Colours: Heather, Holly, Henna, Haematic, Han Purple, Harlequin, Hazel, Heather gray, Heliotrope, Hoary, Hollywood cerise, Honey, Honeydew, Hot magenta, Hot pink, Hue, Hunter Green, Hyacinth.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Heat Gun, Handmade papers, Hammer, Hot glue gun, Hero Arts, Hampton Arts,
  • Techniques: Heated Pearl Backgrounds, Herbs De Provenance Backgrounds, Hot Glue Stamping,



    • Theme Ideas: Imagination, India, Inspiration, Italy, Inchies, Instincts, Impossible, Ideas, Ice, Impressionism, India, Industry, Inns, Insects, Insanity, Iris, Inspiration.
    • Colours: Indigo, Indian Ink, Ice Blue, Ivory, Ivy, Indian red.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Inkpad, Inks. Inkabilities, Inky FIngers, Irridescent mediums/paints, Impressabilities, Invisidots, Inkjet Printer. Impasto Medium
  • Techniques: Intaligio, Intuitive Watercolour, Iris Folding, Image Transfers, Ink Wash, Impasto (a thick application of paint)



    • Theme Ideas: Joy, Joker, Journaling, Junk, Jesters, Journey, Jung, Jewels,
    • Colours: Jasmine, Jeweltones, Jade green, Jalapeno-green-yellow, Jaundice yellow, Jaune, Jelly green, Jet, Jonquil, Jungle green, Jet black.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Junkt, Jump Rings, Jeweltone Card,
  • Techniques: Joseph Coat, Jewellery Making,



    • Theme Ideas: Kiss, Kissmet, King, Kitchen, Krishna, Keys
    • Colours: Kattaerthwait, Kelly Green, Key Lime, Khaki, Kinatone, Kiwi Green, Kohl.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Kaleidacolour Inkpads, Krystal Lacquer,
      Keepsake boards, Krafty Lady art moulds, Kriss Kross punches, Krylon Webbing spray, Kromecote paper
  • Techniques: Kiss Stamping, Knitting, Knotting, Kimono folding,



    • Theme Ideas: Labels, Love, Lace, Language, Leaves, Leonardo Da Vinci, Life, Lighthouses, Literature, Layeres, Labour, Lady, Lambs, Lamp, London, Landscape, Leisure, Leopards, Liberty, Light, Lions, Letters, Ladies, Lace, Laughter.
    • Colours: Lavendar, Leaf Green, Lilac, Lemon, Lime, Lapis, Lavender blush, Lavender gray, Lavender magenta, Lawn green, Lazuli, Lemon chiffon, Lemon yellow, Light blue, Light pink, Lincoln green, Linen, Loden green, Lovat.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Lace, Lumiere, Lollysticks, Lyra colored pencils, Liquitex paints, Luna Lights paints, Liquid Nails (for texture!), Light moulding paste, Liquid polymer clay, Labels, Liquid Applique,
  • Techniques: Label Technique, Linoleum carving, Layers, Leafing, Laminating, Lithography, Lemon Juice Aging, Line Art.



    • Theme Ideas: Mythic, Magic, Muse, Maps, Masks, Mystery, Metal, Mermaids, Masculine, Men, Mixed Media, Monochrome, Music, My Favourite Things, Mythology, Moonshine, Majestic, Moon, Madness, Mars, Marseilles, Melancholy, Medicine, Merchant, Mexico, Michelangelo, Mirrors, Mist, Money, Monet, Moonlight, Mosaic, Mystical, Motherhood.
    • Colours: Maroon, Marillion, Mint, Magenta, Metallic, Mustard
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Moonglow, Markers, Mica Powders, Mica Tiles, Masking Tape, Micro Beads, Metal, Melting Pot, Masks (for spraying), Matchbox, Microbeads, Metal Sheets, Molds.
  • Techniques: Mosaics, Melt Art, Monoprinting, Masking, Magazine Scrunchie Backgrounds, Masking Tape Backgrounds, Metal Embossing, Mandalas, Monochrome Stamping, Melted Crayons Background, Metallic Wash Backgrounds.



    • Theme Ideas: Nature, Nonsense, Neverending, Night, Newspaper, Numbers, Nests, Nevermore, New, Nightmares, Noah’s Art, Nudes, Nymphs
    • Colours: Navy, Nile Green, Navajo white, Naples yellow, Neon green, Neon orange, Neon pink, Nude beige
    • Art Products and Brandnames: (Winsor &) Newton, Natural Sponges, NEOART AQUARELLE PASTELS, Neocolours Watercolour Crayons
  • Techniques: Napkin Art, Nail Polish Marbling, Needlecraft



    • Theme Ideas: Opposites, Open Spaces, Ocean, Odditys, Odd One Out, One of a kind, Oak, Old Age, Obelisks, Orchard, Orchestra, Osiris, Owls, Outside,
    • Colours: Orange, Oak, Oatmeal, Ochre, Off-White, Office green, Okra green, Old gold, Old lace, Old lavender, Old rose, Olive, Olivine, Opal, Orange-Red, Orchid, Outer Space, Oxblood, Oxford Blue, Oyster
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Oil Pastels,
  • Techniques: Origami,



    • Theme Ideas: Paris, Photographs, Portraits, Printing, Puzzles, Petals, Pagoda, Palm Tree, Paradise, Peacock, Pharoah, Philosophy, Portrait
    • Colours: Peacock, Pink, Peony, Pine, Periwinkle, Pea, Plum, Purple, Pacific blue, Palatinate purple, Pale, Pastel, Peach, Pear, Periwinkle, Persian blue,
      Persian indigo, Pine green, Pink, Platinum, Plum, Powder blue, Prussian blue, Psychedelic purple, Puce, Pumpkin.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Polymer Clay, Pastels, Pens, Pencils, Pigment Inks, Pearl Ex, Photocopies, Pinking Shears, Pearl Ex, Photographs, Parchement Paper, Paint Chips, Punches, Paperclay, Paper Towels, Paper Perfect.
  • Techniques: Paper Shredding Backgrounds, Paper Towel Backgrounds, Polished Stone Backgrounds, Puzzles, Pop Ups, Paper Weaving, Paper Beads, Packing Tape Transfers, Printing, Papier Mache, Patterns.



    • Theme Ideas: Quotes, Queens, Questions, Quirky, Quietness,
    • Colours: Quail, Quaker green, Quaker gray, Quarter Spanish, Queasy green, Queen Purple, Quencienta, Quercitron, Quick cash green, Quicksand, Quill gray, Quince, Quincy
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Q-tip, Quilts,
  • Techniques: Quilling, Quitling (metal),



    • Theme Ideas: Remember, Rainbow, Recycling, Reflections, Resolutions, Rubbings, Raven, Rabbits, Railways, Rama, Religion, Rembrandt, Rome, Roses, Royalty, Rainbows, Row Houses
    • Colours: Rose, Russet, Red, Royal Blue, Rust, Raspberry, Raven, Raw umber, Razzmatazz, Resin, Rexilia, Robin egg blue, Rose madder, Rose pink, Rose taupe, Rosy, Rouge, Royal blue, Royal purple, Ruby, Ruddy, Rumino.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Radiant Rain, Resin, Ribbons, Rub Ons, Rubber Cement, Re-inkers, Radiant Pearls,
  • Techniques: Resist Techniques, Rubbings, Row Houses, Retiform Stamping (grid tech), Reverse Stamping



    • Theme Ideas: Sea, Seasons, Secrets, Self Portrait, Shrines, Sewing, Solitude, Stories, Summer, Sun, Swirls, Stripes, Sailing, Symbolism, Symbols, Satin, Science, School, Shells, Sky, Sleep, Snow, Spring, Sphinx, Still Life, Summer, Swan, See Through.
    • Colours: Sea Green, Slate, Soot, Silver, Sand, Sanguine, Safety orange, Saffron, Sage, Salmon, Salmon pink, Sandy brown, Sangria, Sapphire, Scarlet, School bus yellow, Sea-foam green, Seashell, Sepia, Shadow, Shamrock green, Shocking pink, Sienna, Silver, Sky blue, Slate grey, Smalt, Spring green, Steel blue, Strawberry, Stucco, Sunflower, Sunglow.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Shrink Plastic, Silk Paints, Staples, Stickers, Stewart Gill, Stampbord.



    • Theme Ideas: Tea, Tags, Texture, Tree’s, Time, Travel, Tapestry, Theatre, Thinking, Three Graces, Turbans, Tiger, Tower, Tulip, Textile.
    • Colours: True Blue, Tan, Turquoise, Tangerine, Taupe, Terracotta, Tawny, Tea green, Tea rose, Teal, Tenne, Thistle, Titian, Tomato, Topaz, Tintz, Turquoise, Tyrian purple.
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Tissue Paper, Tape, Tags, Twill, Tyvek, Turpentine, Tracing Paper, Template Stamping, Teabag Stained Backgrounds
  • Techniques: Tag Art, Transfers, Tissue Paper Backgrounds, Tape Lifting, Two Tone Stamping, Teabag Folding, Torn Paper, Transferring Images, Tyvek Backgrounds. Textile Art, Tinting, Texture Techniques, Template Stamping.



    • Theme Ideas: Underwater, Unicorns, Urban, Unity, Umbrellas, Urns
    • Colours: Umber, Ultramarine, Ultra blue, Ultra green, Ultra pink, Ultra red, Ultraviolet, Umbra, United Nations blue, Unmellow yellow
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Utte
  • Techniques: UTEE & Melt Art,



    • Theme Ideas: Vintage, Vamps, Visage, Vase, Venus, Vegetables, Vincent Van Gogh, Victorian
    • Colours: Violet, Vermillion, Verdigras, Vegas gold, Violet, Viridian
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Vellum, Velvet, Varnish, Versamark
  • Techniques: Versamark Resist Stamping



    • Theme Ideas: Wall Art, Water, Wonder, Weird, Wings, Wild, Wine, Women, Words, Wax, Wildflowers, Worn, Weathered, Wire, Water Lillies, Waterfall, Waves, Wedgewood, Weeping, Windmills, Wisdom.
    • Colours: Watermelon, Wellington, Wheat, White, Wine, Wisteria, Water blue, Warbler green, Winter White, Winsor Green, Warm Sepia
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Wax, Wire, Watercolour, Walnut Inks, Wood, Wheel Stamps, Walnut Crystals, Wax Crayons,
  • Techniques: Wax Art, Watercolour Wash Backgrounds, Walnut Ink Staining,



    • Theme Ideas: X-rated, Xray, X-cite, Xerocopy, Xerox
    • Colours: Xanthian (Greek for yellow), Xanthic, Xaverior
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Xyron, Xerox copies
  • Techniques: Xylography (wood engraving), Xerox transfers



    • Theme Ideas: Youth, Yesteday, Yearning, Yourself
    • Colours: Yucca, Yellow, Yellow-green, Yellow ochre
    • Art Products and Brandnames:
  • Techniques: YELLOWING – This effect on oil paintings is usually caused by one of three reasons: excessive use of linseed oil medium; applying any of the varnishes that are prone to yellow with age; or most often – an accumulation of dirt embedded into the varnish.



    • Theme Ideas: Zettiology, Zoo, Zany, Zodiac, Zen, Zest, Zeal, Zig Zag, Zeus
    • Colours: Zinc White, Zucchini
    • Art Products and Brandnames: Zips,
  • Techniques: Zentangle, Zenga (Japanese calligraphy/painting), Zackenstil (A German word that literally means “jagged style,” Zackenstil is used to describe a zig-zag style of art created in the Thirteenth Century)



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