More Zendoodles To Share

Still feeling under the weather healthwise, which is why Ive not been showing my face online or blogging.

Our much promised hot HOT Summer weather didnt happen! Instead we’ve had constant rain and damp and wind. August has been so cold that we have had the heating on!! Im back to walking with the bow legged shuffle for the time being, it feels as if Winter has come early! Already the nights are drawing in and its dark for 9pm, and to make matters worse Im craving for hot soups, stews, porridge and hot chocolate all the time!! All my Winter comfort foods…

Ive been fitting in a bit of doodling here and there over the past few days, at least by doing that I feel as if I am doing *something* creative… baby steps I know!

Heres my Zendoodle Atcs and Book Marks below:

Black & White Zendoodle Atcs:

Zendoodle ATCZendoodle ATC

Zendoodle ATCZendoodle ATC

Zendoodle ATCZendoodle ATC

Stained Glass Style Atcs:

Stained Glass Style Zendoodle ATCStained Glass Style Zendoodle ATC

Zendoodle Bookmarks:

Zendoodle BookmarkZendoodle Bookmark

Zendoodle BookmarkZendoodle Bookmark

Colourised Zendoodle Bookmark


2 thoughts on “More Zendoodles To Share

  1. Thank goodness health problems haven’t affected the right side of your brain. Have you thought of making up a booklet of the zentangles? I’d buy one to learn how to do more complicated designs.

  2. Very cool. I have to have been the last person on earth to discover zentangles and zendoodles, and now I’m completely addicted — with all the nasty codependencies that work implies: the need to make connections for my supply fix, the need to hook up with other addicts, etc. etc. Thanks for sharing your very inspiring work!

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