Some idiots on ebay

Just recieved 7 negative feedbacks on ebay because the idiot buyer DIDNT wait for me to send her a revised combined postage invoice on ebay. Instead she checked out and paid before I had the chance to send it! By which time it was too late and there was nothing I could do about it! I cant UNDO what she has done.

Then instead of emailing about it so I can do her a refund, she proceeds to leave 7 negative feedbacks – flippin eck! Im being punished for her idioticy huh?  I didnt send the invoice soon enough and she accuses me of ignoring her email – erm I dont LIVE on the internet 24-7! I do have a life too….forgive me for not being there to send you an invoice that split second you decided you wanted to pay….

Anyway she wont get her chance again as Ive added her to my blocked bidders list. Ah go take a long walk off a short pier why dont ya….life is too short.


4 thoughts on “Some idiots on ebay

  1. Some people are so impatient! I guess we live in a “fast food” world, expecting everything instantly. Sorry this happened to you.

  2. Your right, people are too impatient. I notice it everywhere. Even trying to cross over the road is hard because the car drivers put their foot down and try to run you over as they are in such a rush to get wherever they are going! People should learn to slow down a little. 🙂

  3. Im over it now. I still have 99.something% which is better than nothing. And you can see from the other peoples feedback who have have had stamps from me that Im not a con artist 🙂

    What really annoyed me is that one of the feedbacks she gave me, she said the stamps were so worn they would not stamp! That was a downright lie as Id only used the stamp about twice in all the time I had it. But the stamp was one of those ‘photo art’ stamps and they can be tricky to get a good impression from if you dont use the right inkpad or card stock and even then they dont stamp unless you put a lot of welly into it. So Im guessing she didnt have/do any of it!

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